Hand in Hand with Rain Audiobook
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Hand in Hand with Rain Audiobook

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Saddam Hussein's forces occupied Khorramshahr at the beginning of the war. One of the main goals of Iran at the beginning of the war was the liberation of Khorramshahr and finally, after 578 days, the Iranians were able to conquer Khorramshahr, but Khorramshahr, after the war, was completely different from what it was before. Those who went to Khorramshahr after the war did not believe that this was the city they had seen before.
The book "Hand in hand with rain" is two reports from Khorramshahr and Abadan after the war ended. In the first report, the authors, from the words of Iraqi soldiers, describe the story of the looting of people's property in Khorramshahr. The story of how some of the soldiers were so rich that they resigned from the Iraqi army. Writers have also gone to Abadan after Khorramshahr. Although, Saddam's forces also attacked Abadan, but the bravery of the people did not allow them to succeed. However, Abadan was no longer the pre-war one. The mortars had damaged every part of the city.
In the second report, the authors go to Khorramshahr to write the story of the people's epic resistance against Saddam's forces. They talk to a father who was taken captive and when he returned to Iran, he found out his two sons had been martyred.
Sarhangi and Behboodi, the authors of this book, describe in these two reports not only the post-war conditions of Khorramshahr and Abadan, but also, they tell the story of people's lives during the war.
Avanameh audiobooks, in cooperation with Sooremehr publication produced this book

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