A Trip To The Prohibited Zone Audiobook
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A Trip To The Prohibited Zone Audiobook

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So far, many books have been published on war memoirs, but the book "A Trip to the Prohibited Zone" has changed the picture of the Iran-Iraq war by changing the view angle.
The book is very compact, but reading the short memoirs of an Iraqi prisoner is a confirmation of the bravery and sacrifice of Iranian soldiers during the eight years of sacred defense.
Changing the angle of view and observing the battle from the perspective of both sides makes the human aspect of war literature more pronounced. We had previously seen such an attitude in cinema and in Clint Eastwood's double "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima ". But Hedayatollah Behboodi’s book “A Trip to the Prohibited Zone” is more than just a message to show the human parallels between soldiers on both sides. Because in this battle, one side fights not only to defend the homeland, but also to preserve his cause, and the other is on duty in the war. Perhaps this reason makes the Iraqi soldier willingly surrender to the Iranian warriors.
Avanameh audiobooks, in cooperation with Sooremehr publication produced this book.

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